Inventory Quantities

Please understand that we receive orders in many different fashions. Via fax, phone, and internet. Because of this our inventory does change throughout that day. We update quantities daily however inventory will fluctuate during the date. If you find that you need a specific quantity and that quantity is close to the amount shown in stock, please call us to verify.

Differences in Quantity Numbers

Bulk Hose

All number quantities for bulk hose are in Feet (ft). You can buy as little or as much hose as you need. However, please keep in mind that hose comes on reels. Usually in large sections however sometimes if you order large quantities you may get 2 pieces. This is sometimes unavoidable. We do avoid this at all costs. If you need a specific length in a section, please specify this in the customer notes field.


Pre-made Assemblies

All number quantities for pre-made assembly hoses are entered into the stock as assemblies. If you order 5 of a pre-made assembly, you will get 5 assemblies (not 5 feet).


Individual Items

All Brass, steel, hose ends, etc. number quantities are entered per item. We have no minimum quantity to order.



Quantity is not shown or is at zero

There are some items who's quantities will not show. Please call us for more information. If you see a quantity that is at zero please call us as we have arrangements with most of our vendors and suppliers to drop-ship directly to you.


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